About Us

Based on the original idea by Mark 'Cutty' Carrington.

Raising money for charity is vitally important to all our lives, but sometimes it can feel like a chore when we are inundated with sponsor requests from our friends, families and colleagues. Once we’ve made our donation it can become easy to forget about an event and lose interest, but our aim with GuessMyTime is to reinvigorate your event to keep it at the forefront of your donators minds right up until the event has finished.

At GuessMyTime, we aim to put the FUN back into fundraising!

We do this with the simple idea of giving you the ability to create a fun, online sweepstake. Here you can tell all your friends about the event you are doing, set a range of possible completion options and, most importantly, set a prize for the winner! The prize can be anything you like, from baking a cake, washing a car or even a cash prize. We found that setting up a sweepstake drastically increases the interest from potential sponsors and creates a real buzz about your event.

It’s really easy to set up and links straight into your JustGiving account. All the money raised from your GuessMyTime event goes straight to your donation platform, we don’t take a single penny!

“So how much does this great service cost?”


“What? No way! So how do you guys afford to operate?”

The site has been built with low cost, scalable cloud technologies. The beauty is in it’s simplicity.

Of course there are still cost associated with it which we make back in advertising so PLEASE, PLEASE WHITELIST THIS SITE IN YOUR AD BLOCKER PLUGIN!

So enjoy our site, share, and keep raising money for charity!

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Who we are.
Owner. Alex Lee
Head of development. Angus Goldsmith
Head of UI design. Alastair Bird
Logo design. Rory Lee